Petition for the humane treatment of wild animals during slaughter

Petition for the humane treatment of wild animals during slaughter

Wild fish are killed in there TRILLIONS across the world every single year- most of them forced to suffer painful, inhumane deaths (scaled and gutted whilst alive, salted, beheaded, etc).
Wild fish are the most slaughtered animal on the planet, and yet there is currently no protection or act in place to ensure that wild animals (fish amongst them) are treated humanely.

Fish feel pain- it is now a scientifically proven fact. And yet hundreds of thousands every single day suffer slow agonising deaths.
This is unnecessary suffering and CAN be stopped.

We propose (as with farmed animals) that ALL wild animals be protected under the Animal Welfare Act, and that new legislation be passed to ensure that new procedures are introduced in commercial fishing and wild hunting, and that cruel, outdated and inhumane slaughter methods are put a stop to once and for all.

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Jay Beecher

Created On

Saturday 8 March 2014

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Tuesday 10 March 2015

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