Plan to reduce the number of fatherless Children.

The ever increasing number of fatherless children, being born without any thought from the parent(s) of how they are going to be paid for, are becoming too heavy a burden on hard working, tax paying, traditional families.

I suggest that in future;
Under 18, no Child Benefit.
This will discourage children having children.

18 and over, each adult is entitled to ONLY one lot of Child Benefit.
This will discourage women having multiple children if they cannot afford them.

Payment of Child Benefit to be based on the parents NI number. Once assigned to a child, the benefit cannot be removed, even if the parents split up.

Being young, unmarried and having children does not give you any extra advantages when it comes to social housing.

The time has come to try to halt the growing number of young women whose only function in society is to live off the state and produce another generation who will repeat the same process.

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Mr Stephen Watson

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Tuesday 23 August 2011

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