Please change all the road signs to metric including speeds, distances and heights. Imperial units are really Medieval units suited to a past age.

The continued use of imperial units is having a serious effect on our children’s maths, science and technical education.

Although we live in a metric world today, children do not understand this as they are surrounded by stones, pounds, ounces, miles, yards, feet, inches etc.

This means they..

• do not see the relevance of what they are learning at school

• cannot measure kilometres on long journeys

• have to use measuring instruments outside school that have confusing dual scales

• are not able to compare body measurements with their parents’

• lose everyday opportunities to undertake simple maths calculations at home based on measurement

• often see maths as boring and irrelevant and give up with the subject.

We request the Government change the road signs to metric as this would be a great stimulus to eliminating all other imperial units and giving UK children a fighting chance with their maths etc compared to those in other developed countries.

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Alan Young

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Saturday 8 March 2014

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Thursday 12 March 2015

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