Portsmouth Dockyard Closure 2014

My Friends....I see today on the news that our illustrious people in "Charge" are doing something unimaginable ...They ARE CLOSING Portsmouth Dockyard....this is unbelievable!!!! Portsmouth is the Royal Navy !!! They are using the excuse that it is B A E systems doing it !!! yea they sold that off too...that is bringing about this through a "Lack of work".... and "Not Being Competitive"....This is Rubbish..... we used to be world leaders in all things Maritime... But I also see they are transferring work to Glasgow....lucky for those up there bless them....but something REALLY stinks here though eh ??....Something about a referendum next year maybe ???? I just wonder ???

So PLEASE follow me and sign this petition... I have NEVER in my life felt so strongly about something...This REALLY is a TOTAL scandal !!!

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David Weston

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Wednesday 6 November 2013

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