Prevent life on the dole by breaking the cycle of young people leaving and joining the dole queue

I believe that for many years a underclass of British people have developed to live on the dole/benefits...

They leave school, get the dole, have children and so perpetuate the cycle. If a person leaves school and has not had a job by 23-24 he will never work.

He or she will lack the skills, confidence and energy to ever provide for himself and his family. In many cases these idle hands will turn to some degree of criminality as we have just seen in the recent riots.After all what else do they have to do, and where else can they get expensive clothes and gadgets from?

The government should give all school leavers 6 months to secure work or further education, and then all benefits should be cut unless the person continues in education, joins the services, or takes part in government schemes which should be created wherever there is community need, to sweep the roads if necessary to keep people in work from 9-5 offer training, give confidence and introduce a work ethic.

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Sarah Duce

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Friday 12 August 2011

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Sunday 12 August 2012

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