Prohibit the act of infant male circumcision without a proper medical reasoning.

Male circumcision in infants is an unnecessary, irreversible and unfair procedure to place upon a boy who may in the future disagree with the reasons for which it was done. Religion and parental opinion are not appropriate reasons to remove a part of a boys body when they lack the ability to refuse.

This petition goes against strapping a infant boy to a table and cutting away at his genitals without medical reasoning. It does not go against voluntary circumcision by a consenting person.
Issue's like Phimosis, are an appropriate reason to conduct such a procedure as the condition is uncomfortable and fixable. It is known the procedure has no link to higher chances of STD's or HIV in the western world. Promoting safe sex is an alternative to preemptive surgery that is in turn irreversible.

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Created By

Kyle Latham

Created On

Saturday 14 April 2018

Closing Date

Saturday 13 October 2018