Proposal To Scrap Housing Benefit for Under 25's

On Sunday 24th June 2012 David Cameron proposed in the Mail on Sunday this:
Scrapping most of the £1.8 billion in housing benefits paid to 380,000 under-25s, worth an average £90 a week, forcing them to support themselves or live with their parents.
Yet the Department for Work And Pensions claim:
Its key aims are to help its customers become financially independent and to help reduce child poverty.
The "exceptional" exclusions to this new rule apparently include Domestic Violence, but no other "special" circumstances have been mentioned.
We the undersigned believe this is
a) Agiest
b) Against the Social Progress and Values of our nation
c) this idea should be stopped before it even starts!

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Peter-Edmund Conroy

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Sunday 24 June 2012

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