Public Enquiry into Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and ALL Forms of Child Abuse in the UK/Channel Islands

We call for a full independent Public Enquiry into Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, and ALL forms of Child Abuse in the UK and the Channel Islands; the prime remit of which, we ask that as a consequence of this Enquiry, that no one person or body should be immune from prosecution for Abusive Actions against Children, past or present; such Acts of Abuse to include any Deliberate Act to Prevent any Child Abuse from Becoming Apparent to the Authorities or the Greater Public, no matter when such acts were committed. We would ask that the various responses to the abuses against our children (as described above) by all Local Authorities, Social Services, relevant charities/NGO’s, Police,the CPS,Judges,Politicians & Government Ministers,Civil Servants & the Media,be examined,with a view to full public transparency and accountability... and to make sure that the horror of child abuse within our institutions never happens again.

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Adrian Robert McCormack

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Monday 14 January 2013

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