"Warning" labels on dog flea shampoos containing Pyrethrum as toxic to cats.

I washed my cat with dog flea shampoo. There was no warning label on the product. In small writing amongst other text it stated it should never be used on cats. Unfortunately, my beloved companion died 2 days later. This type of poisoning is not uncommon.

The product I used was a standard dog flea shampoo purchased over the counter for my dog weeks beforehand, but I didn't think it would be harmful to my cat. Clear, informed "Warning" labels should be on the front of such products indicating they are toxic to cats. This will hopefully prevent other cats from being harmed or dying as a result of the chemical Pyrethrum which they can't metabolise, yet dogs can.

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Created By

Doris Fergus

Created On

Wednesday 14 February 2018

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Monday 13 August 2018