Re-Selling Digital Content

We, the undersigned, believe that legislation is required to ensure that any resale system introduced by a company to allow the resale of second hand digital content is fair.

It is evident from recent announcements that companies that deliver digital content intend to introduce systems that allow individuals to resell their digital content.

However, individuals may only be able to resell the content through the original purchase channel, giving overall control to the operator of that channel.

Failure to introduce legislation to protect individuals choosing to resell their digital content could result in:

Unfair fees imposed on individuals that choose to resell their items

Forcing sellers to resell their items at set prices, thus controlling the second hand market

Forcing buyers of second hand content to purchase a new license

Monopolisation; as users would only have one system or market place where they can resell their unwanted digital content

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Tyrone Clements

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Thursday 23 May 2013

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Friday 29 August 2014

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