Recognition for Frontline Troops

American service personnel who have seen active service with either an infantry or special forces unit receive the Combat Infantryman's Badge. This is to make the distinction between them and regular troops, who have served in the same theatre but may have been far behind the frontline and therefore a lesser degree of danger.

I believe British forces should receive a similar decoration to show their sacrifice. I believe the proposed decoration should not just be for infantrymen but for personnel of all regiments and corps who serve on the frontline (ie: Combat Engineers, Artillerymen, Medics, Pilots etc). All jobs carried out in an operational theatre are essential, I do not seek to take away from that, but we must recognise that some of our armed forces personnel are exposed to greater degrees of risk then others depending on their job that they hold. I feel that they deserve a distinction from other troops for this to show our gratitude for the sacrifice that they have made.

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Sam Winters

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Monday 19 March 2012

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Thursday 21 March 2013

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