Reduce the abortion limit to 12 weeks

As it stands in the UK at the moment, women are allowed to have abortions up to the gestation of 24 weeks!

At 24 weeks, a "foetus" now looks like a baby and has already started to develop human traits, behaviours and physical features. If a woman was to go into preterm labour, the hospital are obligated to step in and help fight for the baby's life as the law recognises them as a full fledged human being. It seems barbaric that abortions are allowed to this stage, especially with regards to the baby being acknowledged as a human being and human beings being offered equal rights and freedom of being an individual.

Please help us lower the abortion limit to 12 weeks. If an abortion is wanted, a decision can easily be made by this point, if an abortion is still being 'considered' after this point then use this consideration time to think about putting a baby up for adoption where they have a chance to experience love and care. If other countries can low the limit then so can we!

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Suzanne Hosker

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Saturday 13 September 2014

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Monday 30 March 2015

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