Reduce tuition fees.

We need to reduce tuition fees so we can afford to go university, for me i'll like to be a doctor in the future. But that future has collapsed because i can't afford £9,000 for 6 years of learning. This is bring our hopes down of success. I say to the house of commons, how much did you pay for your childrens tuiton fees?.
do you think its fair on us to pay such considerable amount of money that we can't get?, even if we work for 2 years and a gap year do you think we can raise up to £54,000 for a 6 year medicine course?.
We want tuiton fees bought down to a reasonable price that we call can afford. We want to go univesity and get the jobs we dream of, We want tuition fees bought down.

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Jamal Miah

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Sunday 14 August 2011

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