Renewable Energy Revolution

I believe that it should be compulsory for all buildings to have all available roof space covered by solar panels and that every household should have a wind turbine on their property. This includes the roofs of houses, factories, shopping centres, agricultural buildings, government buildings etc. The benefits of these measures will include: the reduction of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere from the UK; reduced need of centrally generated electricity; reduced price of electricity to the consumer due to reduced demand for electricity from the national grid and will reduced our reliance on foreign imports of fossil fuels. I understand this will put a real financial burden on the general public and business, which is why I feel that government should help with this financial burden through putting words intro action and vastly increasing the level of subsidy to both the buying of renewable electricity generating products and any electricity generated from renewable sources.

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Stuart Glencross

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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