Restrict data collected by insurance companies

Restrict data collected by insurance companies to details which are directly tied to subject of insurance for example do not allow question about insured person occupation in house insurance.

Now they ask for almost everything - including data which has nothing to what is insured - and they use this data to
- boost premium - especially in case of car insurance
- reason for declining the claim on grounds that
data is not 100% accurate (for example exact
occupation does not exist in their list)

Also change law to permit ocasional commuting to work on social only car insurance (when individual i.e. rides to work on pushbike and goes by car in case of emergency i.e. bike damaged or when taking somebody to airport in the morning or to do the MOT
at the facility which is next to workplace). Moreover, make all car insurance policies ANY DRIVER - to allow people to share driving on long distance journeys.

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Piotr Malek

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Tuesday 13 May 2014

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Thursday 20 November 2014

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