REVERSE decision to cease

HM Forces and their families have online access to send electronic letters to loved ones - a secure and speedy, tangible way of keeping in contact during their periods of separation.
The service was introduced as part of the welfare package for troops during Op Telic (the war in Iraq)

E-bluey was addition to the EFPS for Forces.
Not all can afford to send regular 2kg parcels, e-blueys provide wider and more regular access.
A bluey in one's pocket bears no comparison to a message on a phone or laptop.
With social media, e-bluey service no longer relevant?
Security paramount so a contradiction in terms?
More important?.... maintaining morale of our troops..... or a paltry £1M saving, ( in the bigger picture of defence spending)
The e-bluey facility least we can provide in return for courage and commitment.


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Friday 31 March 2017

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