Reverse the Indefinite Spouse Visa, if any conditions break within 20 years of marriage.

Reverse the Indefinite Spouse Visa, if the marriage breaks after the spouse gets a indefinite Visa the Husband/Wife who applies for them to come to the UK should have the full right to send the spouse back to where they came from if the marriage hasn't worked out for them, This is a ongoing concern 5-6 weeks of a holiday which us UK citizens take is not enough to get to know the spouse and the whole family, the ONLY time you get to know the truth is when the spouse gets the Indefinite Visa. They shouldn't get a British Citizenship through the Visa if the Marriage breaks up, they should be given 20 years to see if they are loyal before considering a indefinite. Thank you

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N Amjad

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Wednesday 5 March 2014

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