road death sentances not tough enough

Road Death Sentences ' Are not tough Enough'

The law needs to become tougher on Road Death Sentences, if you kill someone by being dangerous behind the wheel and through your own idiotic driving and take an innocent life that didn't ask to be run over or hit by a car or involved in a collision you should be punished with a life time sentence because you have taken someone life with breaking the law of being either on your phone or speeding, even drink and drug driving but you have not only taken the life you have destroyed the life's of the loved ones that are left behind dealing the pain and upset of loosing that someone that is special to them, my 18 year old brother was taken from us by someone dangerous driving now we suffer everyday and we have to live with the pain. So we can make a difference get heard get judges to give out tougher sentences to people that cause people this pain so please get signing

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hayley squire

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Friday 21 March 2014

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