Save lives by requiring full software transparency (open source) for all medical / mechanical devices

From heart pumps to self-driving cars, our lives are increasingly in the hands of closed and unknown computer code and algorithms. These systems are increasingly more complex and interconnected. In our world of medical / mechanical devices, faulty or malicious computer code carries significant risk to lose of life.

More importantly, closed systems may shield or obfuscate developers and manufacturers from accountability. This is especially important with medical devices or, indeed, any mechanical device or tool controlled by software.

Security through obscurity does not work, as evidenced by zero-day code exploits.

This petition is to require all software for medical devices and mechanical devices / tools to be publicly viewable.

This petition does not ask to alter the rights or maintenance of software. This petition is purely to force public access to strengthen public safety.

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Created By

Mark Ford

Created On

Sunday 30 March 2014

Closing Date

Tuesday 31 March 2015