Save our future by saving our children

Following last week's violent riots, it is obvious to everyone that we have a serious social problem which we all are, directlyor indirectly responsible. The young generation was demonstrating to us admittedly they need help desperately. I suggest we start by introducing discipline training at young age from age 5, with compulsory classes, eg, martial arts training which is well-known for discipline training, or at least bring back compulsory PE classes which would also help with prevention of obesity.
Children need guidance from their parents and teachers. They need to learn boundary from young age. Give the power back to parents and teachers to help our children so we could have a better future.
Children are our future, we need to help them and nurture them, not with material gratification but by showing them love, respect, sense of responsibility through setting an example for them to follow.

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Dr Shiou Chuang

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Monday 15 August 2011

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