Save Porth Fire Station

PLEASE HELP SAVE PORTH FIRE STATION!!! We can not afford to lose the Fire Station leaving us 10 - 15 mins away from the nearest engine, SECONDS COST LIVES!

Sadly there is a proposal to CLOSE Porth fire station!! Leaving the Communities of Porth with the nearest fire Engine as far away as Tonypandy or Treforest Please help us spread the word, and also have your say. Ask for any further information..

Some of you may not be aware but due to the public sector cuts and the fire review cover being carried out, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service have made a proposal to permanently close Porth fire station.
This will leave no fire cover within the porth community. We now have until June to get as much support and backing from within our own community to show and prove to them how much we not only want but NEED to keep porth fire station open!!! please help us spread the word and gain as much support as we can.

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Zoe bull

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Tuesday 25 March 2014

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