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shorten the school summer holidays by a week it makes a big difference to the children early august in till early September is plenty there are petitions on here already that i think is a bit to extreme with the holidays.but there is another reason i am doing this its because of the weather it hasn't been that bad recently i must say but the last 3 yrs we have had lovely summer weather in April,may. June, how about giving the children there 5 weeks summer holidays early, the climate is changing but no one is yet to mention changing the holidays for the children s sake it makes no difference to teachers they still get there time off and to working mums and dads they still get time off when ever thy chooses to take it . so my point is shorten holidays a little in summer bring it forward to the nice weather may be give the children the extra week at Christmas when the schools will be closed because of the snow any way then every one gets. tell your friends to sign it to thanks

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lorna booton

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Wednesday 24 August 2011

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