screen every pregnant mother in the uk for strep b

This has been rejected in the past and I want to get it so that every single pregnant mother in the uk gets screened and if needed treated for strep b. My little boy was born 10 weeks early and diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to strep b, and I met so many other parents whose babies had been born premature due to strep b, one of those babies died :( I asked the consultant why are we not screened routinely yet they do in other countries, her answer was MONEY!!!! Im sure it would cost less for expectant mothers to be screened and treated than having a neonatal intensive care unit full of babies born prem from strep b.

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

There is already an e-petition about this issue.

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Please see 'Routinely Test For Strep B in pregnancy'

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Kayleigh Orrell

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Sunday 10 November 2013

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