SORN and MID Unfit For Purpose

The SORN and MID schemes were ostensibly introduced to clamp-down on Jack-The-Lads who were allegedly driving around without any tax or insurance.

These schemes have done NOTHING to reduce Crime. Instead they just victimise decent people who have a “project car” in their backyard. They are in effect a Stealth Tax.

Searching the Internet looking for “Burglars torch car” one sees a very common MO. The burglars break into an empty house and locate the car keys. The house is then looted and the swag is put into the car. Later the car is torched to eliminate fingerprints and DNA evidence.

The writer therefore regards MID and SORN as being UNFIT FOR PURPOSE as they are merely Nu Labour Stealth Taxes.

The writer considers that the fines should be abolished or reduced to a nominal fee such as £10.

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Created By

David Benyon

Created On

Saturday 8 March 2014

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Tuesday 10 March 2015

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