Stop all 4 weeled motorise vehicals talking on mobile phones while driving and doing illegal u-turns and sitting to close to the rear of a motorcycle

We the undersigned Motorcycle riders would like all motorised 4 wheeled Vehicle's Car Drivers Lorries/buses/vans and any other 4 wheeled vehicle's to be subject to arrest or prosucution if they are found to be talking on there mobile phone,texting on there phone/and doing illegal u-turns and sitting to close to the rear End of a motorcycle....There are too many car drivers not paying attention to the highway code and getting away with it making it Dangerous for motorcycle riders and scooter riders on the road.We the undersigned feel that all car Drivers by Law should be required to ride a scooter for one year or make it mandatory that part of the car test should also involve the applicant to ride a scooter and complete a CBT (Compulsary Basic Training as part of there car test to see the hazards from a scooter and Motorcyclist point of view showing them how Dangerous car driver's and all 4 wheeled vehicals can be to Motorcyclist and scooter riders

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Mrs Hagger

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Friday 11 October 2013

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Tuesday 14 October 2014

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