Stop bedroom tax!

A mother who lost her disabled son and couldn't afford the bedroom tax so she hung herself! I work part time half of my wages go on bedroom tax and rent. I waited 10 years on being in private rent that cost £100's more got a house my children live with there dad I need rooms for them.

I earn £400 a month with no help with benefits and my rent is £176 without £40 council tax gas £23 electric £35 water £30 tv licence £30 car insurance for work £23 for car tax phone £20 £30 debts and I'm told by housing benefit I can live on £73.10 a week rest goes on rent! Same payment as being on job seekers allowance. And the government says you are better off working! £357 without food toiletries spending on my children I have to survive on £43 a month. No wonder people don't want to work. Please sign this petition thank you.

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Michelle fallon

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Tuesday 9 February 2016

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Monday 8 August 2016

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