Stop car insurance companies from setting premiums based on post code

Since car insurance is a requirement by law, yet insurance companies are private companies who are permitted to set their own tariffs, insurance premiums have sky rocketed to ridiculous amounts, and it is all because the insurance companies know that you have to be insured or not drive and since the law is on their side without any limit set on how high the premiums can be, the motorists are essentially being extorted for money which they have no choice but to pay. However setting unreasonably high premiums based on an individuals postcode seems the most unfair, because those who cannot afford to move to what an insurance company deems to be a safe postcode are somehow expected to afford ridiculous and unrealistic premiums as though they have some direct control over the crime rate or more absurdly the accident rate in their area!

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Mohammed beaykitary

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Friday 5 August 2011

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Wednesday 15 August 2012

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