Stop Dangerous Dog Stereotyping

Calling for Temperament testing before "Destroying" Dangerous Dogs as well as, investigating cases individually as opposed to the overall breed stereotype e.g. "Pit Bull types".

Method: investigating the temperament and the obedience of the individuals as well as whether or not the owners are able to control them appropriately.

Dependant on the severity of the individual cases exceptions should be made in the form of collars, muzzles, harnesses and Dog and Owner training where appropriate. Disregard breed statistics of size of bite and judge it by severity of bite as well as how often this has occurred with the individual dog.

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

It did not have a clear statement explaining what action you want the government to take.

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Created By

Emma Oliver, Sophie Burling

Created On

Tuesday 1 April 2014