Stop frivolous or low public value Law Suits by imposing a deposit

There are many law suits in the civil courts which simply would never have occurred a few years ago and compensation culture is now running rampant. This needs to be stopped. I propose a solution herein. I propose that a two tier system be adopted that places on tier one (no deposit required) suits arising from serious injury or death with serious being defined as loss of a limb, both eyes, etc. Or where the immediate (not eventual) financial loss is greater than GBP400,000. Tier 2 would contain all other cases, and in order to make it into the courts as a tier 2 case a deposit of GBP10,000 would be payable, refundable only on winning the case. In the event of loss then 80% of this deposit would go towards the defending sides costs with 20% retained by the courts to improve court facilities, etc.

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Malcolm Grandis

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Monday 17 March 2014

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Thursday 19 March 2015

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