Stop inheritance tax - enable individuals and families to plan for the future and minimise their dependence on the state.

Inheritance tax should be considered as theft by the state - every penny of the money which is left in a will has already been taxed several times; as income, through VAT and other stealth taxes.

It should be a funamental right for a citizen to make provision for their own family (or persons of their choice).

Inheritance tax serves only to make the rich poor and to keep the poor poor.

Inheritance tax currently enables the state to seize money from families when the sum left is over £325,000 - if your house and all its contents and your bank balance comes to more that this, the beneficiary of your estate will pay tax on the surplus at a rate of 40%.

- that means family homes, cars, etc, may have to be sold to pay the tax, e.g. if someone left you their house worth £390,000 and you had no money to pay the tax, you would have to sell the house to pay your tax liability!

Inheritance tax encourages short sightedness.

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t jones

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Saturday 20 August 2011

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