Stop Royal Mail Handling Fee For HMRC Charges

Currently, Royal Mail are being allowed to charge a massive £8 "handling fee" for delivering international parcels that require Customs or VAT charges.

Rather than HMRC contacting the addressee of the parcel themselves and allowing you to pay the VAT directly to them, They give the parcel to Royal Mail (who despite now being a private company, are still the only public national post provider, allowing them to monopolise this part of the market completely). Royal Mail apparently pay these charges on your behalf (whether you want them to or not) then charge you an £8 flat fee for the privilege, no matter the cost of the customs bill. So a £1.50 Customs VAT bill will cost you £9.50. They then hold your parcel hostage until you pay their fee.

HMRC are well aware of this practice and allow it to continue. This needs to be stopped. HMRC should not be allowed to let a third party company levy charges against you because of their laziness. HMRC should collect their VAT fees themselves.

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Onika Straker

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Saturday 22 March 2014

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Tuesday 24 March 2015

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