stop the banning of e-cigerettes and vaping products

The UK Health regulator is looking to implement a ban on e-cigerettes.

The reasoning around this has ranged from unknown health risks through to concerns over children using e-cigerettes as a gateway into smoking.

I would suggest that these are very separate issues and should be treated as such rather than a blanket ban which would effect a growing part of the UK economy with growth of 30% month on month and also providing a real alternative to smokers who have been unable to quit or who simply do not want to.

If there are concerns about the products being marketed to children - impose the same advertising bans that are in place for cigerettes. Going further, insist that only basic branding can be used or restrict the colour and style to something less appealing to a child (ie not bright pink).

I believe this ban is more about saving the governments tax revenue which on cigerettes amounts to over £6 per packet of 20 cigerettes!

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Wayne Feltham

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Wednesday 12 June 2013

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Thursday 12 September 2013

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