Strip Anthony Douglas Chief Executive of CAFCASS of his CBE award

Anthony Douglas was awarded a CBE in 2009 for services to family justice. He is the Cheif Executive of CAFCASS the specialist national agency representing children and families in family courts throughout England, since 2004. Cafcass represents over 150,000 children annually.

However CAFCASS is not fit for purpose and routinely separates fathers from their children. In addition he fails to act to protect children by supporting social workers who oversea child abuse, child neglect and parental alienation.

Children have been harmed by his lack of credibility and abuses of process all committed in our children's names.When you complain to CAFCASS they deny everything and call innocent fathers liars, racists and abusive. This must end and unfortunately rewarding some one like Douglas for failure is wrong. We therefore ask the government to strip Anthony Douglas of his CBE.

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James Cowham

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Friday 8 November 2013

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