Support the Turkish Populace in their plight against their government (AKP)

We need to raise awareness for what is happening in turkey and try to support them.

Since their time in power the AKP under Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan have systematically began to erode the civil liberties of the population. From the free use of the contraceptive pill, kissing in public and many other everyday liberties we take for granted.

You have seen the recent news regarding the "riots" in turkey but please be the aware benign demonstrators around the county are being attacked by the police using tear gas (inclusive of the international banned orange tear gas), water cannons, real and rubber bullets, pepper spray and even JCBs.......

People have been killed, many injured and the police are unbelievably vandalising shops and ATMs in order to blame the demonstrators.... this needs to be curbed and the peoples civil liberties protected. Lets not let this democratic and great (historical and cultural) nation descend into tyranny!!!

Action must be taken!!!!

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Christopher James McFadden

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Saturday 1 June 2013

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