Temporarily Impose the Death Penalty for Those Convicted of the Woolwich Soldier Murder

It is our belief that those who are convicted of the horrific murder of Lee Rigby on the streets of Woolwich, South London should face the Death Penalty.

The manner of this brutal killing crosses a line, which in our view justifies that emergency legislation be drafted to temporarily introduce the Death Penalty as the punishment for whoever is convicted of this despicable act.

We recognise that the European Convention on Human Rights and membership of the European Union would normally preclude the use of capital punishment in cases of murder or terrorism.

However, we also note that other EU member states have a tendency to disregard those rules and regulations they feel they should not follow.

It is our opinion that the use of the Death Penalty on this occasion should be viewed as a special measure, and once the guilty have faced their punishment, the emergency legislation can be withdrawn.

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Scott Cleverly

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Thursday 23 May 2013

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