The actions of the media during time of crisis & confusion (FLIGHT MH370)

The news of missing flight MH370 has been portrayed insensitively by the media. Countless theories from hijackings to electrical fires have been reported on without any real basis on facts.

If we think of the family of those on board who were at the edge of their seats, and relying on the media for information; the speculations being reported on did not help them and gave them false hope.

Sympathy should have been shown to these families and the public by reporting only on facts and not broadcasting every piece of speculation.

In such a situation, the government needs to implement laws which would prevent news channels from making and broadcasting complete speculations and frivolity. A body which should vet such news and disallow them to publicise any and every piece of information they can find for the sake of ratings. Only legitimate reports should be made and in a sensitive manner for the sake of those involved.

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Syed Aqib Ali Hassan

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Wednesday 26 March 2014

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