The BBC should either be closed, reformed or have its payment cut significantly

In light of the various scandals at the BBC, the bloated pay offs of former executives due to the nepotistic attitudes of the senior staff, the consistent left wing biased agenda which infringes on my human rights as I am forced to support a political ideology I do not believe which consists of being pro-uncontrolled immigration, having a pro-welfare bias and a pro-EU agenda.

Helen Boaden, the former director of BBC News has even admitted that the BBC has a deep liberal bias, so any response saying that they have changed is meaningless as I have heard this all before. I therefore call on the government to either
a. close the BBC,
b. use an independent body to completely reform the BBC and bring it back into a neutral central stance reflecting all political opinions, or
c. cut their payment from £5 billion a year to £1 billion a year which is more fair if they are not going to reflect mine and millions of other British people's views who are forced to pay for the licence.

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Michael McCabe

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Tuesday 16 July 2013

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Thursday 17 October 2013

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