The Campaign to regulate Car Insurance against late FEES

We all need car insurance; what we don't need is those Insurance Companies making more money out of us by charging late fees when a direct debit fails.
This may not be your fault and sometimes it can’t be avoided; your salary may have been paid in late - you’re short of money due to circumstances (but you still want to pay). If you believe you're paying too much for car insurance now, wait until you see the consequences for your late payment.
I know too well what this feels like; because I, like many people always pay my bills by Direct Debit. That was until I became unemployed recently. My car insurance has been increased by £40 - this is two sets of £20 late fee charges. I phoned the insurer straight away to let them know that my money wouldn't be available until the day after it was due.
Even if you're only a day late with your payment, there isn't ANY Grace period - I feel that this is unjust. Insurance companies need new regulation NOW to stop these unfair charges!

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Georgia David

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Thursday 6 February 2014

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Wednesday 11 February 2015

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