The Government should introduce a law banning the covering of the face in public

The recent riots have shown yet again how many criminals cover their faces to hide their identity when commiting crimes. This makes it virtually impossible for the police to identify them from CCTV pictures.
In this country there can be no good reason for anyone to hide their face in public unless on purely medical grounds in which case they should be given a doctor's certificate.
The wearing of the burka should also, as in France and Belgium, be included in this law. There is nothing to stop criminals or terrorists from wearing the burka in order to commit terrorist acts and the garment virtually completely prevents Muslim women fro integrating into our society.One never sees a woman wearing a burka in a restaurant or at any public occasion or public event.
. Apart from shopping it would appear that they are vitual prisoners in their homes/

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Dr John M London

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Sunday 14 August 2011

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