The Moving of Inset Days to School Holidays

I fail to understand why Inset Days (or teacher training days) are carried out in normal term time and why these 5 days cannot be taken during out of term time.

1. Majority of working people get 20-30 (4-6 weeks) days holiday a year.
2. School term time consists of no less than 190 days (38 weeks)
3. Why should working people have to try and continually find child care at spurious times when there is more than enough time outside term time to do this?
4. Why should parents the face the school hypocrisy about removing children from schools for holidays when they actaully remove the children themselves for 5 days a year?

Last time I questioned the school on this they declared it was the unions who wouldnt allow teacher training outside term time! Isnt it time to take the Unions to task on this for common sense alone?

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Karl Fawcett

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Monday 24 February 2014

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