Time to bring in a football wage structure.

A wage structure is now way overdue. The money payed by tv has been taken up mostly by the players that have been able to hold clubs to ransome.
All first team players get the same wage, suggested 40kpw
Players that are picked and play the full game get there full wage plus a playing bonus ie 1k. A sub that comes on gets basic plus bonus ie 25% of playing bonus. Reserve team players would get 50% of first team wages & bonus.
Trainees would be at the clubs discretion.
Championship clubs should pay a maximum of 50% of Premier League wages with the same % applying to the rest of the clubs players.
1st division would then have a max of 50% of championship wages and so on for division 2 players.
This or similar should obviously be adopted by UEFA or it would be unworkable due to players hunting better wages elsewhere. No agents, no contract negotiations, clubs can build there balance sheets and supporters would also reap the benifits as well.

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M Bainton

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Wednesday 12 October 2011

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