Unconditional Jobs not Unconditional Benefits

Under this proposal anyone who is long term unemployed and claiming job seekers allowance for more than 2 years should be given an unconditional job and made to work for their benefits.

The level of benefits received should be performance based and designed to motivate the individuals involved to work rather than just turn up, do nothing and get their name ticked off the register.

Examples could include:
Litter Picking - Fill 3 bags a day to get your full benefits, anything less and you receive half pay.

Manufacture - The government could produce cheap "I love London/..." tshirts or other tourist souvenirs using cheap benefit labor rather than importing from china thus simultaneously boosting the UK economy. Again failing to meet a manufacturing target results in benefit cuts.

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There is already an e-petition about this issue.

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Andrew Hunter

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Thursday 19 January 2012

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