We ask the government should reconsider the establishment and use of a Biometric ID card for all UK Citizens.

Card and stored information could amongst others assist in the following:
Accurate/timely identification of an individual.
Identity in case of health emergency, retrieval of relevant health records to enable treatment.
Access for UK citizens to state provision of health care and social security.
Prove a right to access with accurate ID e.g. schools, maternity units, hospitals.
Help prevent abuse by requiring identity for all hospital visits for minors and vulnerable adults.
Additional info e.g. driving licences, medical alerts, National Insurance number, DBS, donor preferences, next of kin contact.
Assist the government to protect its citizens from risks associated with terrorism, organised crime, monitoring of convicted felons, illegal immigration.
Assists in ease of travel both within the UK and abroad.
The UK Government will establish safeguarding laws. UK citizens would be required to prove identity at the reasonable request of an authorised civil servant.

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Nicholas Bowes

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Friday 8 November 2013

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Thursday 13 November 2014

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