We should introduce a voluntary Maximum Wage

We could also look at introducing a volantary Maximium wage.Where a company would get a lower corporation tax rate lets say a quarter of the standard rate. If it could prove to HMRC that no one in the company earned more than 20 times the average salary and thier lowest paid worker.And profits where shared between the workers (equal divided) and the share holders 50/50 As the success of a business is not just ever down to one individual, This would help to spread the wealth more evenly through our society. That is not to say for outstanding effort an individual should not be rewarded but rather this reward should be in the form of company shares pending shareholder approval.
This would help out most SME as they normally fall into this requirement anyway.
We could then increase the corparation tax rate each year until a proper balance has been set.

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Dave Ball

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Wednesday 24 April 2013

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