Welfare costs- return to 'pay in to get out' instead of 'something for nothing'-

The UK Government to stop peddling the spin that it is people living longer that has increased the cost of welfare. Life expectancy has only increased by an average of 4 years over the last 30.
State pension (paid to those who've paid in for years to qualify) is only one-third of the welfare bill- the rest goes in payments for in & out of work benefits to people of working age & those of pension age who may never have paid a penny in.
The Govt needs to build council houses & remove the right to buy- keeping them in the public sector to make affordable (so reduce housing benefits), make employers pay a living wage (to dis-continue tax credits), stop child benefit & tax credits (but create state provided childcare to allow parents to work without childcare costs), require single parents to work as soon as the SMP period ends (same as any working mother) and pursue absent parents for maintenance in order to make parents accept that their children are their responsibility.

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M Bamford

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Saturday 30 November 2013

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Friday 5 December 2014

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