why are Sikhs allowed to carry weapons and not us?

Sikhs are allowed to carry a kirpan. but they have no real need to. so why do they have the right to just because their religion says so?

If Sikhs are allowed to should't a descendant of viking culture be allowed to carry an axe or a battle hammer in honor of his/her ancestors? or shouldn't a christian be allowed to carry a sword or dagger in honor and respect of the knights Templar?

Just because Kirpans can be concealed easily, a small Templar sword or dagger could be to. With good reason such as in honor or respect of viking/Templar culture or sub culture etc. etc. certain symbolic weapons should be authorized to be carried from the age of 13 just as Kirpans are.

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George Johnson

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Monday 17 March 2014

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Friday 3 October 2014