Woolwich attackers to be given the death penalty

I truely believe the British people need to start fighting back with terrorists, these guys should be the first example!

These two men have killed a British Soldier, they had a revolver and a kitchen knife, also what looked like butcher's tools and one had a little axe, to cut the bones, and two large knives.

These two "crazed" Woolwich attackers, eye witnesses described them as "hacking" at their victim and posing for pictures before charging at police wielding meat cleavers. One onlooker, identified as James, said he saw two black men chopping at a man in his 20s like he was "a piece of meat". He told LBC radio: "They were hacking at this poor guy, literally. They were hacking at him, chopping him, cutting him."

In one attackers own words, he did it because “'I killed him because he killed Muslims and I am fed up with people killing Muslims in Afghanistan, they have nothing to do there.'"

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Thursday 23 May 2013

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