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Repetition.me is devoted to the world of government e-petitions. Unlike the official UK government website, Repetition.me allows to you comment on petitions rather than sign them, so you can explain why you support them - or not, as the case may be.

We've also got various lists of petitions, so this site also acts as a useful index to the official Parliament petitions website.

There are currently 1,379 open petitions with a total of 2,730,560 signatures!

You can see more statistics, and some nifty graphs, on our Statistics page.

Recent arrivals

All the newly activated petitions. The babies of the petition world, as it were. Who knows what they might achieve?

Big hitters

The petitions with the most support in the past week. Some of these may go on to be all-time greats.

Top petitions

The all-time greats as far as popular support is concerned. At least, they are when it comes to signatures on the oficial site. But do you agree with them?

Wide Support

The petitions which have the most evenly distributed support across the whole of the UK.

Tumbleweed Alley

A section of the site dedicated to all those petitions that were the complete opposite of big hitters and all-time greats.

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