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Fresh Approach to Cannabis & Heroin

Submitted on Wednesday 3rd August 2011

Published on Tuesday 9th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 9th August 2012

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Fresh Approach to Cannabis & Heroin

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A) Make Cannabis available with prescription from licensed sellers such as pharmacies and holistic centres.

B) Make Heroin available on prescription, with condition of attending some form of non-residential help & rehabilitation.

These two fresh approaches would benefit society in the following ways:

1) The market for these substances would be removed from the hands of drug dealers, reducing the murder and violence rates that exist within that community.

2) The rates for theft, burglary and other property related crimes would decrease significantly as Heroin addicts would not need to steal or rob.

3) No more police time will be wasted arresting people for possession or supply of these substances.

4) People would not suffer the temptations of moving to harder drugs when they buy Cannabis, as a Pharmacist would not offer you Cocaine.

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