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Prevention of selling goods at a loss

Submitted on Tuesday 16th August 2011

Published on Tuesday 16th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 16th August 2012

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Prevention of selling goods at a loss

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Big supermarkets blatantly sell some goods at a loss in order to destroy local competition. The practise of loss leading is destroying the local economy and removes all competition in the market which in turn leads to large job losses and irreparable damage to the wider economy. If the economy in this country is ever to recover we need to give local businesses (that's most of us) a fair chance to take on supermarket prices. Competition is good for everyone and leads to overall lower prices. Allowing certain firms to destroy all competition in an area with their unfair practises will ultimately lead to no competition and very high prices. For once can we all just think about the future, sign here if you agree.

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